calculating Gforce using the MMA7455 accelerometer

Hi everyone

I am currently playing around with my raspberry pi and bought an accelerometer. I want it to monitor the g-force levels in a car crash. I downloaded the data sheet for the the module and it says the the values are outputted in a single byte (0-255). I have been reading other articles online and they said if you want the raw values to be converted into g-force values then you simply multiple it by 0.016 (g-Range = 8g) however does this mean that the device can only detect movement just 4.1g and under?. I need a module that detect g-force levels of 20-50

Using this principle:

2g mode = 16g and below

4g mode = 8g and below

8g mode = 4g and below

Is there anyone who has any knowledge of using this accelerometer. Any help would be grateful

The data sheet is your best and most reliable source of information. It states that 8g is the full scale, maximum value that can be measured.

To measure 20-50 g you need a different accelerometer, like the ADXL377.