Calibrating Adafruit TCS34725 for RGB colors

I am new to Arduino. I am currently working on a project which requires color detection using the TCS34725 Adafruit sensor module. For the project, I need to calibrate the sensor with RGB colors. Color patches of RGB will be exposed to the sensor. After exposing each color patch, a push button will be pressed and then the calibration for that color should start.

  1. Calibrate for Red
  2. Calibrate for Green
  3. Calibrate for Blue

After calibration, the sensor needs to detect the colors of objects. I have no idea what is meant by calibrating the sensor for RGB values. Can someone please be kind enough to explain to me how the calibration should be done?

Thank you in advance.

This tutorial is a good general overview on sensor calibration.

Unfortunately, calibration of color sensors depends at least as strongly on the light source as it does on the color patches.

So, you have to calibrate the sensor under a specific amount and type of illumination, and that calibration won't be valid for other light sources. For example, a color sensor calibrated under fluorescent lights will give the wrong results under sunlight or incandescent light.

Please describe the "color patches". How do you know what RGB values they are supposed to have, and under what type of lighting?

Hi, thank you for your reply. Color patches will be square in shape and they will exactly be Red (255,0,0) Green (0,255,0) and Blue (0,0,255).
My robot with the color sensor attached under the robot chassis will be placed on those squares.
First, my robot will be placed on Red, Green and Blue square to calibrate.

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