Calibrating analog voltage

Dear all.

I am using Mpide IDE for below Development kit,

And analog sensor which Reads 0.5v as -70degree and 4.5 as 70degree , 2.5v means 0Degree.
Arduino UNo reads 5V voltage so We can calibrate the voltage range 0.5v-4.5v
But the PIC32 i.e uno32 by chipkit analog voltage limit is 3.3v .
My question Here is how can calibrate sensor output voltage From 0-3.3v

Scaling code for Arduino Board

int Sensor_Value;
voltage = Sensor_Value * ANALOG_SCALING;

What will Be code For UNo32 kit. If i am using TTl converter How code look like . mean to say ANALOG_SCALING=5.0/1023.0 or 3.3/1023.0

And the sensor is what? Without its datasheet no way of telling if it will
run at 3.3V

The solution is.... buy a proper Arduino.

The solution is.... buy a proper Arduino.

I am not having issue With arduino. I have PIc uno 32 board Which read analog output from 0-3.3v. This sensor Works fine with Arduino Boards.

It is difficult to say for certain from the datasheet, but it appears to me that if you run it on 3.3V, the zero position is 0.5xVcc and the output at 70 degreees +- is scaled accordingly to 0.1xVcc and 0.9xVcc.