Calibrating multiple pressure sensors


I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for how to sensors?

Each sensor has a slightly different reading to the other, so I was wondering if I placed a weight across all the sensors, recorded those values, then place another heavier weight and recorded those values.

Then work out the difference between those 2 values for each sensor. Then multiply the analogue inputs with the difference, which would make the sensors display the same value if they all undergo the same force.

Anyone know of a code that already exists for something like this?

You have the idea. I know of no existing code for you but it is a pretty simple task.

Place first weight read each channel into a variable (ch1Zero, ch2Zero, etc.) replace weight with next read each channel into a variable (ch1New, ch2New, etc) calculate differences (ch1Net = ch1New - ch1Zero, etc) chxNet holds differences

It would be more efficient to use arrays and for loops to collect and reduce the data