Calibration of a TFT-Display

Hi folks,

I have a question. I want to programm a calibration programm who is based on the example programm "Calibration" of the URTouch-Library. In the example programm you have to write the results into the library on your own. Is there any chance that it writes automaticlly the results in the library? With a global variable or something like that?



Do you mean writting into the file system or dynamically configuring the library? Writting in the source code is not possible as your arduino does not have access to your file system.

If you want to modify dynamically in a running program, there is a Challenge as those are #define so hardcoded everywhere throughout the code. You Would need to make them global volatile and then replace in memory during startup. Also your app would need to embed the calibration code which will use up flash memory.

Why do you want this?

thank you for your reply, I want this because I have the concern that when my device is in use for a longer period or time that the touch-position are shifting. That means that when I press a particular position on the display, that it will be spot a different position.

Ok - I have not seen this really happen and if you use "large enough" buttons (because precision is not the key attribute of most of those screens) then one pixel difference will not prevent your app from running