Calibration of Accelerometers

Hello, I want to make a setup to calibrate the accelerometers, and I know for this purpose there are shaker tables available commercially but I want to to built it using Arduino. I heard from someone that Arduino has developed some sort of sensor for this purpose.., Can anyone tell me the name and part # to order. Thanks

Isn't gravity working properly where you are?


What accelerometers? Are they MEMS?

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Most people take advantage of the fact that the acceleration along any vertical axis is 1 g or -1 g (depending on orientation), when the accelerometer is held still.

The simplest approach is to calculate a separate offset and scale factor for each axis, following this outline: Programming and Calibration | ADXL345 Digital Accelerometer | Adafruit Learning System

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Thanks you very much for the solution. I need this one.

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