call for papers (brief writeups)

If you would like to reach an audience of a few thousand, consider a brief write-up which you can post under your own registered name at, a forum for beginners and hobbyists. Examples of popular write-ups include:

  • A walkthrough of "adding Bluetooth to an Arduino setup for $2.39" including extensive discussion of what it takes including from an iPhone, based on Sony Arouje's post as a starting-point. It is dumbed down into step-by-step instructions anyone can follow in a few minutes.

  • marcofusco posted a very popular walkthrough of how to get raspberry pis and arduinos to begin to talk to each other

  • a very brief overview of what the Arduino language even is and what it's used for was popular among especially C++ programmers.

I cross-post these to a few forums and attract many views and readers, and sometimes a few comments.

Examples of write-ups that I think would be very popular would be if you were to post about:

  • a walkthrough of getting a coin-cell operated project going. (If you can be explicitly detailed).

  • A report about the steps you took in any project, from beginning through completion.

  • interesting solutions using gps, 3g, RFID, and other more esoteric connectivity, location, tracking etc devices, especially if you can include a walkthrough, resources, or your design choices and how you evaluated your options.

Have you done something others could follow in detail? Why not post?

Thank you and we look forward to your submissions.

Note: I have not been able to post as frequently because I picked a very large subject to write up and have too much reading to be able to reduce it effectively, hence the call for papers.

Here are my analytics and I have a few hundred regularly returning users, would like to keep the momentum going.

Thank you.

not to be a dick, but is this not borderline spam? kind of like the competition trying to draw away customers?

Just wondering...


I don't think so!! Firstly, I am a very active contributor here and would expect people to link their write-ups from here. Secondly, this forum is more of a discussion forum, and not so much for creating full posts which are write-ups. (For example, there is a 9000 character limit here, extremely severe limits on formatting, etc.)

I don't think it's possible to post full articles here.

I don't think it would draw anyone away - on the contrary, it promotes arduino and links back. In terms of my traffic from Reddit, for example, my expectation is that people who got into Arduino would continue here ( if they wanted a forum to have their questions answered.

I would like people to contribute full, long posts. If they don't have a question, this forum may not be as appropriate, and, as stated, this forum can't be used for many types of posts.

For example, have you contributed a write-up in this forum that people would follow to complete a project? If you look at my previous posts at, would I have been able to post them here?

So, I hope you see the difference. And as a final point, it was in this very forum that I was advised to create my forum - literally someone here told me to do it, I was following their advice. This place really is just about Arduino in a narrow sense and a few topics.

A bit touchy aren't we?

I had intended to end my post with a :wink: but I forgot.

I have a well documented writing disability, so I don't do well with lengthy write-ups. but I had been posting my works in progress until I moved them to Github. I too contributed fairly often, until I had computer problems. now I am just treading water to catch up on my projects.


could you mention the subject of the write-ups? thanks.