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Tweak is two! Currently in its second edition, Tweak is an interactive art and live electronic music festival taking place in Limerick City between the 21st and 26th of September 2009. Its aim is to promote understanding of the use of technology within our culture and to explore contemporary issues (social, economic, psychological, aesthetic and functional).

The festival will consist of a 5-day exhibition, (interactive artworks, robots and installations) comprising of artworks from international and local artists, 3 days of workshops and many evenings of live electronic performance.

Digital technology has become a medium that has redefined the arts broading horizons and changing practices. New works that explore interactivity and the possibilities opened up by multimedia and electronic technologies to create immersive experiences bring physicality and play to the digital medium.

We call for submissions from artists and designers who’s work has been labelled as ‘new media’, ‘physical computing’, ‘tangible interfaces’, ‘digital media’, ‘techno craft’, amongst other titles which attempt to define the field.

We are currently accepting proposals for the following categories:
Live Electronic Performance
Cinematic Works
Listening Post

The call for submissions is open from April 15th to July 20th, 2009. All submissions should have the participants name, work title and technical specifications as well as a work abstract in English (maximum of 200) and a brief biography(max of 200 words) about the author. Group works should have all members listed on the entry form. Please include links to video and photo documentation.

Submissions are open to professionals, researchers and design groups of the digital medium.

To find out more visit email: