Call interrupt for clka/clkb pwm


I am using pwm01.h (attach) library and all it’s ok, i have correct signal on pin 9…

void setup() {  
  pinMode(9, OUTPUT);
  uint32_t  pwm_duty = 16384;
  uint32_t  pwm_freq = 20000;
  pwm_setup(9, pwm_freq, 2);
  pwm_write_duty(9, pwm_duty);

In library is used clka/clkb for generate period… Now i need call interrupt for this…
I found in datasheet, how can i enable interrupt… but i don’t know how can I call this
for standard timers is e.g. void TCx_Handler() {}… and for this my example ?

pwm01.h (3.96 KB)