Calling all tech savvies for Paid freelancing gig (long term)

Hi All We are launching an on-line based micro-consulting gig called The Hive and we’re looking for freelancer-consultants on areas related to physical computing (electronics, electrical engineering, programming, CNC fabrication, etc.).

Freelancers are getting paid $30/hour (when working from home) and $45/hour for on-site work (gross income).

If you are interested on joining our workforce please contact me for further details.

Thank you!

Federico Muelas Director and head consultant at The Hive

Can you provide some more information on your requirements?

The first consult is free: "Coming" is spelled with a single "m".. the content of the website is a notice that it will be "Comming soon.."


oOOops, thanks for the correction!

We are looking for freelancers with Physical Computing-related skills to create the workforce for the consulting business that we are launching on February.

At this point we are asking the applicants to send us some sort of resume including a list of Tech Skills and recent physical computing-related work experience.

Are you interested?

Thanks focalist!



Well, possibly. As for recent physical computing work, several of my Arduino projects have been featured on Make! magazine's website- but here's a couple of examples of afternoon projects of mine:

A wall plotter made from a handful of parts, a pair of salvaged stepper motors, and an Arduino:

Here's an Arduino operating as a lightpen with NTSC video, to a 50" plasma TV. Two resistors, and a phototransistor. That's it.

Here's an Arduino running as a realtime audio spectrum analyzer- and generates NTSC display in realtime:

I've consulted at DEC, Harvard University's Office of Information Technology, and been an Enterprise Systems developer and Principal Systems Engineer in a mixed OS, multi-firewalled, global infrastructure of over five thousand servers under management to "four nines" availability for all mission-critical applications in one of the largest financial institutions in the world. My specialty has always been "firefighting", structure coding and making decisions on the fly and leaving the pretty buttons to the interns.

The issue is that I am actually unable to work.. a nasty, incurable degenerative illness called Crohns, with several complications.

However, this venue may very well attract the kind of people you are looking for... but I may not be a good fit to contract out to a customer, as my illness makes me unreliable at best.

If your interest is in remote, project based, limited scope consulting, I may be interested.. I have more than enough imagination to look for unique solutions- and that's what is hard to find. Competent engineers are not hard to find. People who visualize solutions are.

Hi there, Cool projects! I t.hink I may have seen them before, I also teach Physical Computing at the Master in Computer Arts at SVA in NY and Make is a constant reference for us Exactly the kind of skills we are looking for, and the idea is that the freelance consultants of the Hive work from home so I don't think your condition is a problem, my mother has Crohns too, I know how hard is to deal with it. I'll send you more info on the job either today or tomorrow. Welcome on board Focalist! Best Federico

I'll be interested to hear more about your goals, the group and clientele.

You may very well find quite a few respondants from here- especially if your goal is part time. Most of the folks here post via a username and not their given name- there are some world-class, well-known engineers lurking behind a couple of the monnikers around here.. some of them retired and looking for an occasional project to keep amused.

Teaching Masters level? Hmm... I envision a "class project" consultancy rate for college students, a sliding scale for the rate based upon a complex formula involving how many weeks it was put off, how many hours until it needs to be handed in, and how close to academic probation the student is.... XD

well, a couple of students have tried in the past, trying to hire me to do an class assignment i gave them. didn't even know what to say... I think kids nowadays have way to much money... they carry way better cellphones than me!

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