Camera and fingerpint scanner require 3.3V

Hey, so I just bought a camera module and a fingerprint scanner for my Uno. The thing is, they need 3.3V from the digital pins, and I don't want to have to change any of the code in the IDE for it. I was thinking about buying some of these 3.3V voltage regulators. There are a few things I would like to know before buying them:

1: will they distort the feed for the sensor, so pretty much will they change my readings

2:it says "3.3V 1.3A." Should I consider getting a higher or lower amperage one of these?

and 3: will it even do what I need it to do?

Thanks for the help!

First find out the current requirement for the camera and fingerprint scanner. Then work out what supply you need.

That regulator has a MAXIMUM output current of 1.3Amp that only can be reached under certain conditions. Lineair regulators like that need additional parts (capacitors), and maybe a heatsink. You might not need all of this. Post the links to the camera and fingerprint scanner first. Leo..

Hi, I'm not sure what you intend to do.

Your camera and scanner need a 3.3 volt power supply, but their IO-pins might.... be 5v-tolerant. If so, you only need a voltage regulator, powerful enough to drive both. (The 3.3v pin on your uno might... already be capable...)

If not, you'll need to add voltage level shifters as well, to make sure the 3.3v IO-pins won't be connected to 5v-IO-pins. In theory this could be done with a regulator, but I wonder whether it will work, since regulators are designed to handle power, not data.

Never use voltage regulators to cut down signal voltages. It is a common beginners mistake to think you can. A voltage regulator is not designed to do this and will become unstable with a lack of capacitors, and with capacitors the speed of responce will be way too slow.

Use two resistors in a voltage divider, then if that will not respond at the speed use a transistor or a FET.

Okay, So here is the fingerprint scanner:


and the camera:


Also, I have no idea how to use 2 resistors in a voltage divider, but I'm sure I can find a way to figure it out.

Thanks for the help!

You did not ask a very good question in the first place. You have two things you need to do. 1) power the devices 2) communicate with them to a 5V Arduino

These are two different things. You can only use a voltage divider to cut down a signal from the Arduino to a 3V3 device. You can not use one to make the 3V3 signal from that device sutiable for a 5V device.

What do you expect to do with that camara? No sort of image processing I hope. It will take about 15 seconds to transfer an image from it to an SD card if you can interface it in the first place. I think you have bit off way more than you can chew.

All those camara reviews look fake.