Camera + Arduino?


we purchased this USB camera and it works over USB, but we're attempting to unplug the usb cable, and actually hook it up directly to an Arduino Mega.

The camera has the following pins: Ground, DM, DP, 5V.

What are the DM and DP pins? Are those digital, or should I be hooking this up to a different type of input - UART, I2C, or Analog?

And we have a grove SD Card shield with an SD card inserted; how would we get this camera taking pictures and saving them, say once every 5 seconds, to the SD card?


You need a USB host to talk to the camera, which is a USB slave.
Mega2560 is also a USB slave.
You can add a USB host shield to the Mega, search at or

DM & DP are the data lines - they work as a high/low pair in one direction at a time (simplex) similar to RS485, but at much higher speed.

Get one part working at a time.