Camera as Color Scanner

Good morning my fellow engineers

I've been thinking about starting a new project but I would like to know if somebody has had an experience with this kind of idea and maybe you could tell me how feasible it is to create.

My problem is that I need to detect if there is a certain color coverage over a certain area. I know I could address this using color detection sensors and I've got the code for it, but since this is a large area I was thinking of installing an overhead USB Sentech camera with a Tamron lens to cover the full area I need.

The area to be scanned will not change, neither will the color to be detected.

So, how does it sound? do you think it's possible to do it? Has anyone tried to do color scanning with a USB camera?


Nobody? any advice would be greatly appreciated, I don´t want to opt out and go with RGB sensors


Not really an arduino job. Connect webcam to a PC (maybe an raspberry pi) and write code to detect/process the colour range you interested in.

Interesting problem, but we tend to restrict ourselves here to doing things with Arduino, which this clearly is not!

Can't think offhand of which forum would be most appropriate. Raspberry Pi perhaps?

It is very easy to do this with a Raspberry Pi, the only Arduino you can do it with is the Yun.

Sorry I hadn´t replied guys.

Yes, you are right, after doing more and more research a lot of forums agree that the raspberry would be the way to go with this project. So far my wishlist for this would be:

-Raspberry Pi Model B+ (

-Touch display for... reasons (

-Couple of guides since I´ve never programmed a Pi (,

-Enclosure (

-Last but not least, a camera board (

What do you think? Any major component that I´m missing?


You need a bitmap image. Depending on the camera, you may be able to capture a bitmap or you may need to decompress a JPEG or video frame, etc.

A bitmap is simply an array of pixels. i.e. An image from a "megapixel" camera will have about 1 million pixels. Each pixel has 3 values that represent the overall color & brightness, a red, blue, and green value. If you average those RGB values values from all pixels, you should have 3 RGB values the represent the average/overall color & brightness.

-Last but not least, a camera board (

That will be difficult to use. A normal web cam is much better and simpler.