Camera Detection

One part of my current project involves some kind of “surveillance awareness”, so I’d like to implement a camera detector.

Since this is for an artistic project, it doesn’t need to be EXTREMELY precise or accurate…

So I’ve been thinking about possibilities to detect the presence of a camera. So far I’ve come with two ideas:

  1. Use en EMF detector with a filter for the frequencies of the CCDs, which are more or less the same in the short wave band spectrum (from 15 to 20 MHz I suppose) and then use the amplitude (probably measured via proximity to the detector) to trigger something out of Arduino (blink an LED, for instance. This doesn’t matter for now)

  2. Use a visual-oriented detection: if you shoot a beam of red light in a room while observing it through a red color filter, the CCDs/lenses tend to blink in response (there are a few commercial gadgets that do exactly this). But this would get complicated, since I would have to calibrate a color sensor precisely to retrieve accurate data, i.e. distinguish between different red brightness (the filter and the blinking).

so far the number one, although quite tricky, would be the best possibility. I’m trying to keep the complexity to a minimum in this project.

would you have any other interesting and/or more feasible suggestions?

how is this app working