Camera for Nano BLE 33 SENSE


Is anyone aware of a camera that can be interfaced with the NANO board?
I know that people succeeded to interface with the ARDUCAM 2.0 MP.
Is it also possible with the ARDUCAM 5.0 MP?
Any other HW option with supported code?

The ArduCAM-Mini-5MP-Plus has a I2C and a SPI interface. This should not be an issue for the Arduino Nano 33 BLE. The CAM board seems to do all the complicated stuff itself.

The question is more, what do you need the Nano 33 BLE for? If you want to trigger the camera via your phone or some sensor, store an image from time to time on a SD card that should not be an issue. On the other hand a 5MP camera can produce more data than the Arduino can handle.

Thanks for the answer Klaus.
Right now I just want to check the capability for a board like the Nano BLE one to process images at a very small rate (3 per minute) using deep learning.
The point is that with 1M Flash + 256KB RAM, the raw image cannot be stored even with the 2MP camera version.
I believe that compression will be used here.