Camera input and output!

I am using an Arduino Uno and I am trying to hook up a Camera to the RX and TX input/output. In the code for testing the camera, they use Serial1.begin(). Does the arduino uno not support a second serial port. If so, how could I hook this camera up and get it working? This is the website I am referring to about the camera: Overview | TTL Serial Camera | Adafruit Learning System

Thanks for your time in advance!

There is only one serial line on an UNO. If you want a second one you'll have to use SoftwareSerial library.

Or other chips with more hardware UARTs - '1284P boards support Serial and Serial1, while '2560 boards will do Serial, Serial1, Serial2, and Serial3.
Here's one form factor of '1284P board I offer

The Adafruit code with Serial1 uses Atmega32U4 chip, which has built in USB on Serial, Serial1 on it'shardware UART.

'If you're using a Leonardo, Micro, Yun, or other ATmega32U4-based controller, use this Leo_passthru sketch instead of the "blank" sketch."