Camera module for 3MP still images


I’m looking for advice on a camera module that I can connect to the Yún to take stills at a resolution of at least 3MP (or anything up to about 8MP).

I’ve read on here that I can probably connect a webcam using the UVC protocol but most webcams are a lower resolution than 3MP, and those that are higher don’t seem to be true 3MP, ie they upscale digitally. I have also read that I can connect various DSLRs but don’t really want the expense of doing it that way and would prefer a more compact ‘module’.

A lot of the modules I’ve looked at seem to be able to caputure a frame from a video stream, but is there anything out there that is more geared towards stills, eg where you can specify shutter speed? Or does anyone know of a good all round camera ‘module’ that will pick up a good quality image, even if the light is slightly reduced (but not with IR!). I’m intending to connect to the Yún’s USB port and trigger it on the linux side of things, saving a jpg to the on-board SD.

The V2 Raspberry Pi camera looked a good spec - is there any way this can be made Yún compatible? Failing that I looked at a whole host of 5MP camera modules here but started to get a bit overwhelmed at the options!

Any input would be very much appreciated. Thank you! :slight_smile: