Camera Module Manual Shutter Control

Hello there,

I am planning to order a camera module, in which I want to experiment with for a longer term project. I was just wondering if anyone with experience with these knows whether it is possible to have manual exposure control for them, or if it is just automatic exposure. I have looked through the code used to take a picture, and I cannot see anything to do with any control over actually taking the picture.

Any info/help is much appreciated. Thanks. Darcey

You need a camera module that supports all required functionality. Don't search the code, instead search the data sheets of the modules. Cheap camera modules usually produce video streams, from which you only can pick one picture in code, but nothing else.

Also consider the byte size of picture. Ordinary Arduinos don't have enough memory to hold even a single picture. What do you have in mind to do with the pictures, after taking a picture? Do you want to store it on a SD card, send it to a PC, or to an attached display? In the latter case both the camera and display controllers must come with much more RAM and processing power than ordinary Arduinos have, so you should use a much bigger controller to prevent a bottleneck with a lame processor in between the camera and display.

Thanks for the response. What sort of things would I look for in the datasheet. I am planning on sending them to an SD card, not a screen or pc.

The module should have a serial connection, be SPI or I2C or simply serial. Then check which commands can be sent over that port.