Camera Photo Flash to trigger Arduino

Hello Guys,

anybody some advice on the following: Detect the flash from a usual consumer digital handheld camera from a distant of 3-4 meter to trigger a sound event. The delay is not important - im actually worried about the sensitivity and of course which sensor would be the best. Are there any examples out there yet?



Inside or outside?

You need a photo diode to see something that quick. An LDR is not fast enough.

The extreme left hand side of this: would be a start

its for outside purpose on the street actually. So a photo diode it shall be and then define a threshold (amount of light) for the trigger. thats a starting point

wow how fast the answers. i have never seen a forum that lively!

You might have difficulty if you just use the light level you see on the diode with the A/D. A flash is in the order of 1mS long so you have to make sure that the voltage out of the sensor is read at least that often.

I would be inclined to use the very fast duration of the flash to detect it. That means putting the output of the sensor through an amplifier and then a high pass filter ( a small capacitor should do) followed by a comparator and then to trigger an interrupt.