Camera Project Question

Hi all, I'm currently ordering parts for a new project I'm working on with a small group. Our project, at its simplest, involves constructing a device such that when a button is pushed, a camera takes a picture, the picture is wrapped up into an MMS (a picture message), and sent to a cell phone. Here are the parts I'm currently looking at using for the core: CEL-07917 – GSM Module – 159.95 DEV-00666 – Arduino Board – 14.95 Now, where I need a little guidance is the camera. I'd like to use one of the CMOS cameras offered at Sparkfun, but I'm a little confused by the multiple listings and several different versions of parts related to them. If I just want to hook a camera up to the Arduino board, how much of this do I need? SEN-08667 - CMOS Camera - 640x480 SEN-07904 - CMOS Camera Breakout Board SEN-00637 - CMOS Camera Module - 640x480 SEN-00638 - CMOS Camera Module - 640x480 - SMD Connector Your help here is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

This is not a trivial project.

The cameras are easy to hook up to live radio transmitters or live tethered monitors and the like.

If you intend to do anything that requires holding a whole frame in memory at once, that's beyond an Arduino to manage without extra memory parts. (640x480 is 307,200 pixels, so even at a horrible 1 bit per pixel, you've exceeded the capacity of an Arduino's RAM by a factor of 37.


I have a similar project because I'd like to use a cam. By the way, i'm a newbie with arduino so things I say may be wrong...

Indeed I'd like to take a picture on a arduino then send it by ZigBee to another arduino

As arduino based on ATmega328 has only 2k SRAM, you won't be able to do this and put all the picture in memory

However, this should be possible if you have an SD card and read only the image piece by piece

Have you find a good camera for this ?

For now, I've read a lot of doc on camera + arduino and it seems to be a hard task with common camera

However, I've found C328R camera that is a camera with readout buffer. The latter can send encoded jpeg picture piece by piece, so you should be able to store it in sd card

(and then send your mms)

I think I'm going to choose this camera because it's completely a nightmare with others, but I may be wrong...

By the way, which provider do you use for the send of your mms ?