Camera + Projector + arduino

Hi All,


Is it possible to connect a camera lets say an IP camera to a Projector and it is controlled by Arduino ?

My idea is to to control the camera movements and projector on and off using Arduino and I want to stream the video from camera to projector and then projector display it on the projector screen ?

if it is possible, could you please guide me what parts or info I needed.

Please advise.

Thanks in advance.

It may be possible to control movement of the camera and turn the projector on/off.

Handling the data of the camera itself isn't possible. Arduino has very little RAM and is quite slow.
There is a lot... you can do with an arduino, but if you compare an arduino with a PC, you need an 20-24 year old PC.
(This comparison isn't exact, but it gives you an idea about the possibilities)

You could use a serial camera with an arduino, which may give you the possibility to send a single frame in x-seconds.
(x seconds, since I never used one...) Resolution is probably low.

I want to stream the video

that might be a problem with the arduino's clock speed. If you use some other hardware (like video transmiiter (5.8Ghz used by RC FPV hobbyists it might be possible. What kind of input does the projector take?