Camera Quadracopter?

Alright, so I will start off with saying that I have very little experience in electronics--and that I will not be attempting this project until I am much, much more comfortable working with them and programming, etc... But I want to know how possible/feasible/etc. it would be to build a quadracopter ( ) that has a camera suspended from the bottom of it ( this maybe?), the copter being controlled by the arduino, and the video part of it being transmitted somehow, or being saved onto an SD card (since the copter will probably run out of juice anyways). I already know that the Arduino doesn't have the processing power to do both, so I'm here to ask for some tips on how to go about that--what kind of transmitter could handle that or board could handle saving the video to a card.

This is all speculation and what-if's, i've read a few posts already but they were all asking how to do it through an Arduino--I know the Arduino can't do it, but what CAN? If anything I might just do the two projects seperately, the quadracopter and the camera, and then eventually figure out how to mesh them together--going to have to figure out how to work around the weight and such.

The idea is stemming from my work as a photography assistant--we photograph weddings but we try to capture a few clips of video too. My idea is to have a quadracopter that has a (fixed) camera pointing down at an angle to capture things like the dances and etc. (without being in the way... and it'd just be really cool). While being able to see it while it's being captured sounds cool, if it can't be transmitted I don't see how that would work, anyways, so I'm not quite worried about that... again, this is all speculation and whatnot.

I've got it working, sorta, on a tiny relatively quiet copter. 2 different ways. 2 different problems. One is with a hidden camera disguised as a cigarette lighter. No matter how I isolate it with springs, rubberbands, styro peanuts, there's still a bit of jello effect that I can't get rid of in post. The problem is the camera is just too light to have enough mass to resist vibrating! Weight 40g, the max payload for my 10" copter.

The 2nd way is with a 2.4ghz transmitter and camera, only 20g. But I don't know how to power it. Still waiting for the 4g battery to come in the mail. Otherwise works much better! Tried it tethered. It will not share the main battery now matter how hard I try to filter it.

Will be using my quadcopter next. About 1kg capacity. Will be easy to isolate the vibration, if there is any. This copter will be controlled by a 328 board. Will easily lift the HD Flip.