Camera recommendation?

I'm going to be getting a camera of some sort from SparkFun- I considered this camera and its bigger brother which are both ten bucks.

Are those good choices? If not, what is? And how would I connect the camera to the Arduino so that it can use the camera's output?

(Would an Arduino Uno even be powerful enough to process the data?)

Hm... Would an Arduino Mega be capable of taking a picture?

But this camera's description says you can use it with the Arduino!

I'm confused.

If it helps, I don't even need video. Just a picture.

What I eventually wanted to do was (once I was good enough) hook up this camera (or some other low-res) camera to an Arduino, the Arduino would do an edgefind algorithm on it, and then draw it using a printer.

Apparently that's too much for an Arduino... :frowning:

Well, if that isn't even possible with an Arduino Mega, what other interesting things can I do with an Arduino?

Think about what "a picture" means. How many kilobytes is that? How much memory do you have in your Arduino? Now do you see the problem?

Sure an Arduino can TALK to many of those cameras, but there is SO MUCH data in even a very LOW-RES image that there is no way Arduino can DO anything with that data except to IMMEDIATELY send it somewhere else, perhaps to save it on an SD memory card, or send it to a PC or Mac, etc.

What would be a way to send it to a Mac, and projecting it on its screen?

what other interesting things can I do with an Arduino?

Toast, orange juice and scrambled eggs would be awesome. Give it a go. :slight_smile: