Camera required for Project

hi all, im currently doin an android project using the arduino uno board and a RC car, but i encountered a problem regarding mounting a camera on my car and streaming the video feed live back onto my android device. anyone able to assist in the solution for this? thankx in advance


i encountered a problem

And that was?

erm i think i didn't say it properly first time round. i am trying to connect a camera to my rc car which i am controlling using an android phone. but don't know how to go round doin it

The Arduino is lousy at sending (or processing) video. So however you add a camera, the Arduino won't be involved. Maybe a WiFi camera will work?

ooh ok.. are there any recommanded wifi cameras avaliable in the market that can connect to a phone? for the ones i managed to find are ip cameras and such which either connects to a TV or a computer