Camera Slider for a Slitscan Project

For my master’s thesis in integrated Design. I have built a camera slider for the photography and video project “Crossvision”. Ready to buy sliders normaly end at 1-1.5m length and a track system wouldn’t have been precise enough so I had to build my own 2,5m slider. It is powered by an Uno and a Pololu motor shield. The rendering was done using a slightly customized version of Martin Dixon's Slit-Cam script for Processing.

Here are some images and the videos:
(Please set the YouTube settings to a very high resolution, because YouTubes' compression was not made for this kind of video.)

I started the build way, way overambitious and had to scale back on the sliders functionality but I couldn’t have done it without the help from this community. :wink:
Thanks guys!

Any feedback? :wink: