Camera slider

I'm in the stages of completing a camera slider for my son.

The sketch is written, and all the mechanical stuff is sorted except for one thing.

Basically the 35mm camera will move say 100mm, stop, take a shot, then move on to the next stop.

I'm struggling as to how to trigger the camera shutter at each stop. The sketch pulses pin 13 of the Arduino UNO which in turn triggers a 5v relay

I don't want any dangling leads from the control box to the camera and am looking for advice on using a radio remote. IR remotes are out as they have to be in front of the camera.

Anyone have a quick fix?


You have not told us what camera you are using and what sort of remote mechanism it accepts.


Depending on the camera model, there may be IR remote sensors on the back. The camera makers also tend to remove the wired remote from the low-end models, forcing you to buy a more expensive model if you need a wired remote. (Wired to a radio receiver.)

Pentax and Canon use the same 2.5mm stereo plug, wired the same. See the recent thread here for more details on firing a camera from an Arduino.

If you're really stuck with an IR remote, put a mirror in front of the sensor and put the IR remote on one end of the rail. The mirror can be just a fragment of shiny aluminum set in hot-glue or blu-tack. A piece of white paper would probably work too.

Hi Robin2,

A mixed bag of cameras including Nikon, Canon and GoPro.

My son tells me the Nikon and Canon are fired off using IR. The GoPro can be triggered via WiFi

My son has bags and bags of camera stuff, and little did I know, he has radio transmitters and receivers, so my query is no longer.

I did like the idea of arranging a reflector for IR triggering, thought that was pretty neat.