Camera that captures images when you blink

Hello all,

I’m trying to create spy glasses that capture images upon blinking.

I have a PIR motion sensor, an Arduino UNO, an LC Studio SD card shield, and an OV3640 camera shield.

The motion sensor works fine, and detects a change upon blinking. The SD card works fine as well. The only problem is the camera. For some reason, I can’t get it to communicate with my Arduino. Here’s a description of all its pins:

I tried downloading the ArduCam.h library, which is configured for the OV3640, but it is supposed to be connected to an LCD screen.

So, to be specific, could someone help with navigating through the ArduCam.h library to identify which functions control the shutter, and which functions write to the SD card??


What happens when you try the test sketch: File->Examples->ArduCam->testing-.ArduCAM_I2C_TEST? If that fails you might have the camera wired or configured incorrectly.