Camera Tracking

Hi all New to arduino got intrested as son was doing a coder dojo course and saw the potential of what could be done with arduino i would like to track the position of a camera on a crane i need to know information like tilt hight of camera of ground for a start be able to view information on my phone or pc work wireless ie in range of say 50ft would be cool to track full movement and record to pc any ideas of where to start and components needed would be great

Thanks Marty

any ideas of where to start and components needed would be great

You might put position sensors (such as pots) on each joint of the crane holding the camera. In the below video, the position of the person's arm is determined from pots placed on the arm and shoulder joints.

yea was thinking along those lines inittally but crane changes lenght depending on how many sections its built to
.also cables a problem be nicer that be a small contained unit attached to camera was thinking along the the lines of on imu have been playing around with a sparkfun mpu 9150 have managed to view the raw data coming from the sensor not sure what to do with it though . how to convert it to degrees of tilt and roll .

image of camera on crane i we need to record camera hieght and angle
height it started at and finished at as you can see this is just on size the crane is built to so woulld be good if it was independent to crane ie recording movement of camrera

we need to record camera hieght and angle

Height +/- what? 100 meters?

Angle +/- what? 90 degrees?

Without attaching anything to the crane, you are going to have to settle for not-very-accurate.

Pauls Height max 50ft Angle + /- 90 degrees from level

have a look at the naze 32.

Its designed for quad copters but can also be used as a pan tilt controller for cameras.

Height max 50ft

Do you need to know that the camera is a 32', 6.752"? Or, is 32' good enough? Or 30 +/- 5? What tolerance is acceptable?

Same question for angle. 24 degrees, 32 minutes, 12 seconds? Or 20 +/- 10 degrees?