Camera trigger, piezo and DAC

I bought have bought the PCF8591T, which is an 8 bit A/D D/A.

I hope to accomplish to use that (or a 12 bit, like MCP 4725) insted of my current DAQ-6001 from NI .

I use my DAQ (through Windows and Matlab) for only two things: 1) send a trigger signal for a camera, roughly 180 triggers at 200 Hz 2) send an analogue voltage to move a piezoelectric element

Any good examples, or tips? I have begun with reading the Product data sheet (above), but the progress is so slow.

Thank you!

Is this an Arduino query ?

Yes, though maybe I did not specify it that good.

I’m looking for some good Arduino examples with the DAC.
I know how to establish I/O communication with Matlab, so I’m only seeking advise on how to construct the ino-file in the IDE.

Sorry if that was unclear :frowning:

Well a quick search revealed: