Camera + WiFi

Hello, I want to know if it is possible to use a camera and a wifi shield to create a machine where the machine searches the internet for a picture and then locates the object from the picture in its surroundings. For example, the machine searches for a picture of a cup online, and then uses that picture of a cup locates another cup in the room the machine is in. Thank you, I know it is confusing, but I hope I will get an answer.

The field of Computer Vision (analyzing picture data) is by far too resource hungry for an Arduino. You can start doing such stuff with platforms like the Raspberry Pi but for the things like you wanna do get as much computing power as you can get. Currently smartphones are the best solution for your project, I guess.

Having 20 years of experience in semi and fully automated factory automation systems I'd have to agree with pylon. Image processing, especially with these requirements is far to resource demanding to be done on an Arduino.

I don't think you can do that project successfully with all the super computers in the world let alone a humble 80s powered stand alone chip.