Good Morning,
I am tearing my hair out with what should be a simple item and would appreciate step by step instructions how to cure it
I am trying to compile a sketch from github, which has the line "Include "camera_pins.h".
On searching it leads to a GitHub zip file "Arduino -esp32-master-zip"
This I download to downloads
Normally when I install a zip file to libraries there is no problem.
On trying to load this zip file the error comes up "Specified folder/zip file does not contain a valid library"
How in simple terms as I'm 76 years old can I overcome this problem and get the sketch to find "camera_pins.h"
A very many thanks to anyone who can help me out.

What files does the .zip file have in it ?

If it is only camera_pins.h then start by putting it in the same folder as your sketch and use

#include "camera_pins.h"

in the sketch

Good Morning UKHeliBob,

Just tried that and it works, compiles straight away. Something else I have learned..
Thank you very much for your very quick reply.

I am glad that it works

If you want camera_pins.h file available to all sketches then you can manually install it

Create a folder named camera_pins in the libraries folder of the Arduino sketchbook and put camera_pins.h in that folder. Now it will be available to all sketches