CameraCaptureRawBytes held hostage by Processing


I am trying to follow the steps outlined in Machine vision with low-cost camera modules but seem to have reached some loop that prevents further progress:

Using Arduino IDE v 1.18.12, I:

  • Installed OV7670 library
  • Opened the Example sketch: CameraCaptureRawBytes
  • Uncommented the line to display a test pattern
  • Compiled and uploaded the sketch to the Nano33 BLE Sense board
  • Installed and opened Processing under Ubuntu 20.04
  • Pasted CameraVisualizerRawBytes code into Processing sketch window
  • Matched the serial port to /dev/ttyACM0 as used in Arduino IDE for development with this board previously
  • Hit Play button but saw some random pixels only; verified all 16 camera pins are connected correctly

So tried to move on to debugging but the challenge here is that whenever I launch Arduino IDE now, Processing is also launched and cannot be detached! Dismissing the Processing window, closes the Arduino IDE. It is no longer practical to work with Arduino IDE without Processing but more importantly, I cannot upload any sketch to the board. Presumably Processing has the serial port locked owing to the observed anomaly. Is my limited understanding/observation correct?

Do I have to uninstall Processing just get back to working with Arduino IDE? What is my mistake? Thanks.

Kind regards.