Cameras connection

Hello guys! We would like to set many (about 100 or more) cameras (maybe IP-cameras) on the street that will take photo every 10 sec and send them to the computer. Could someone describe the way to achieve it? Is it possible?

The best path to this will likely have nothing to do with Arduino.

I've been messing with Raspberry Pi Zero with clones of the Raspberry Pi camera from eBay. Once you get the parts and enclosure it's significantly more expensive than a cheap IP camera, maybe about the same price as a higher quality one. You can save a good bit of money by using a USB camera instead of the Raspberry Pi camera but then you will have much worse performance. Even with the Raspberry Pi camera the performance is fairly dismal for video but my interest is getting decent quality still images so that's more achievable. Then you have all the work to assemble it in an enclosure.

I decided to go with this option because in my experience with the cheapest of the cheap IP cameras the firmware is just terrible and likely has almost no security. My guess is that even if you get a camera from a reputable brand it will still have some idiotic proprietary firmware that has a terrible user interface and doesn't let you do what you want to do. I like the greater control I have over the whole system by using the Raspberry Pi

The best solution would probably be to find a decent quality IP camera that has a well documented process of being able to install your own Linux-based firmware. I remember Scanlime had an depth look at hacking one model in one of her YouTube videos but I never watched the whole video to see what the conclusion was.

It seems like there must be at least one out there that a community has dug into and made their own. I'm more interested in Ethernet IP cameras and it seems like most of what's out there is WiFi nowadays.