Can 1 Arduino  handle this setup ?

My project is to make home security system based on arduino It will consist : 1 Arduino Duemilanove , 6 Paralax PIR sensor , 6 Door Switch , 1 Emergency Button , 1 Relay for security Light , 1 Relay for Sirene , 1 Button for Arduino mode [ for on off , sleep mode , Light Test , Sirene Test ] , and 1 16x2 Character LCD for display

Can 1 Arduino handle this ? Any advice are welcome ^^ Thanks



Add a "one shot" module. Any alarm parts store should be able to help you.

It goes between your circuits and the bell/siren/sounder outside the protected premises. No matter what your circuits send... they might mis-behave, for instance... the one shot module ensures that the alarm only rings for a time set by you... 15 minutes? Your neighbors won't be pleased if your alarm goes off at 2am the weekend you are away, but they might forgive you if it shuts up after a reasonable time period.

Also add, if not already in your plans, an LOUD interior sounder. I was advised by police that villains are sometimes persuaded to leave early if there is a nasty, loud, sound inside the building they are "visiting". Villains. Not police.

More on alarm system programming, not Arduino based, but still relevant, at...

... and...

The arduino can handle all that hardware but it depends on what you want to do with it as to whether it can handle the software and interface.


@tkbyd : thanks for your advice ^^ , i’ll take a look for that website , right now i’m reading about multiplexing digital input
@mowcius : i’m tryin to learn about it >.<

For a super-duper alarm system, you might need to multiplex the inputs...

But if you just want to know if any of the PIRs see an intruder, you can connect them up in series or parallel (depending on how your PIRs work... fire and burglar detectors tend to use opposite designs... see page cited previously) and have all of your PIRs take up just one Arduino input. Ditto door sensors.

@tkbyd : thanks , i'll try to make sketch for this project ^^