Can 1 linnear potentiometer be used on two devices at once?

Hi Guys,

I have a dj mixer and a usb midi controller, thing is the mixer is not midi, so is it possible to use the same linnear potentiometer on two devices at the same time, i.e wire the fader from the mixer to one of the pots on the midi controller thus giving me midi faders?

given the resistance would have to be the same for the linnear fader as the pot on the midi controller, can this damage the mixer? is it even possible, advice would be appricated

Can you provide a drawing how you want to connect the things, as its not clear enough for me. e.g. is it an Arduino based mixer?

What would it actually control? I didn't understand the description. You say it is not MIDI device, but something is MIDI controlled? Are you making mechanical connection, or fading signal levels electrically?

Cheers, Kari

Thanks for your reply Robtillaart, no its not a Arduino based mixer its a pioneer,

my plan was (if it would work) would be to piggy back the linnear fader for the mixers up fader and remove a pot from the usb midi controller.

I have attached a crude pic to try and explain what I'm trying to do.

The overall plan is to be able send the crossfader and the upfaders to 3 of the pots so I can do video mixing as a midi crossfader is required to fade the videos and currently I cannot as the mixer is not midi itself

Everything said by KE7GKP is correct except I think your answer is no rather than a maybe.

Mainly because I don't think you know what you have on the two systems, if you did know what you had you wouldn't have to ask.

if you right click on the pic and select show pic it works for me,

here is the link to the pic if that does not work

OK seen the picture and the answer is no.

In the mixer you have an AC sound signal running through the pot. In the MIDI controller you have the pot producing a DC signal for the electronics. If you put the two together you will screw up both systems.

Looks like its a no go then, thanks for the help guys, thought i'd be able to diy a midi mixer on the cheap guess its back to saving for one.