can a atmega328p-pu with uno bootloader work on duemilanove arduino?

i recent purchase a lot of atmega328p-pu with uno bootloader bot i got the arduino duemilanove , i found that
if i choose in the ide uno instead the board duemilanove i could upload and i tested the blink 13 led and worked ok

but then i just upload a recent program that i already tested on the original atmeg328 that came with the arduino
and that i know works 100% ok , but with this ones atmegas328p-pu with uno bootloader does not work...

(the program uses rx to receive midi data...)

any solution?


Chips bootloaded as Uno will work in Duemilanove. Select Uno as board type - the bootloader and 16 MHz crystal is what make its an Uno, and not the rest of the board.

Thanks for the replay , but the problem is other , i program the atmega328p pu. with uno bootloader using the ide option board uno
the program is uploaded ok but then , does not work on the breadboard schem , but if i upload to my original atmega328p pu that came with the duemilanove board it works ok . i have boughted a lot of this new atmega328 pu. and. none of them work
as the one that came with the arduino. :frowning:

well i did not find a solution so i just , made a breadboard to write the duemilanove bootloader to them
and know they are working.