Can a camera be used in arduino WITHOUT an arducam shield?

i´m looking to use a camera like the OV7670 or the MT9D111, i´ll be using a wifishield, an arduino mega, protoboard shield, can i connect the camera using those things? or do i have to buy an arducam shield

I have done it without the shield and so can you. See the topics I have made covering the ov7670 and the MT9D111.

thank you! :smiley:
could you recomend any tutorial on how to connect it and library to use(the arducam shield has one, idk if the camera needs one by itself)? i google it and searched on youtube and it didn´t help me much, just found how to use the shield xP

Learn to use the search button on this forum. I already wrote lots of ov7670 code and also MT9D111 see and

please some one give me the connections from ov7670(no FIFO) to arduino uno and code for it :frowning:

I am interested in this kit too. I want to wirelessly link multiple cameras to an Odroid, for saving on an off-site fileserver. I acknowledge that I would prefer an off the shelf solution … i.e., for someone else to have done the work :-S I simply don’t have the mental strength at this time to learn what is required.