Can a Duemilanove control multiple I/O s AND a 128 X 64 LCD

I'm working on yet another aquarium controller but wish to do what I can with the duemilanove 328.
I don't know if it will have the ability to read from 7 sensor inputs, 1 small keypad and output to 5 outputs, an LCD display (non touch) and still be capable of handling an eithernet connection.
Should I be basing the plan off of this controller or start looking more at the Mega 1280 or 2560?
Please keep in mind that cost is critical as I can buy a controller off the shelf for about 250 USD.


The input and outputs can be controlled by multiplexers (for analog) or with port expanders. It should be enough with about 1 analog and 2 digital pins for about unlimited inputs/outputs (both digital and analog) and the normal GLCD library uses about 15 pins. What's 18 pins in total and if you use some of the analog pins as digital you have 19 digital IO pins. So you have 1 pin left.

Facit: Pins should be enough if you use multiplexers/portexpanders, but that would make it rather slow. The thing what would be the biggest problem would be the memory. The GLCD library IS pretty big.