Can a reed switch be normally closed?

I was looking at this:

but a magnet seems to connect the switch. Basically I want a device that is "off" (taking no energy) while it is near a magnet, and off when removed near this magnet. I am not sure if a reed switch is the best approach but I know of no other idea. So I wasn't sure also if this reed switch could set to where near magnet its off, and away from it its on. I guess this would mean im looking for a normally closed reed switch?

I have one in my garage:

It has 3 terminals: common, normally open and normally closed.

The local DollarTree store has small alarms and lights that are activated when the magnet is moved away from the device (and they are only $1).

You can get single pole changeover reed switches like the one that Nick refers to. Google for "SPDT reed switch".

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