Can a sketch be downloaded from the Arduino controller?

Hi everyone
I'm doing some experimenting with motor ramping, and I made some changes that cause my code to no longer compile.
I went through a bunch of "shoudla done this or that" scenarios, but somehow, this messed up version became the current saved version on my hard-drive. Obviously my stupid fault.
Is there a way to download the version that's installed on my board, as this one still works?

I recognize that if possible, it probably wouldn't contain my line comments, but it might be the best way to recover from my own dumb mistake... if it's possible, that is.

Hopeful for a positive response here, but realistic enough to accept the truth, however harsh it may be.

You can get the hex code that your code got compiled into from the board. And there are even ways to decompile that into C code again. But it won't look anything like what you had written originally and it won't be trivial to try to even figure out what you had originally from it.

So if you are just trying to make a copy of a board and need to code to load onto another chip, yeah that's possible. But if you want it back in some recognizable format where you can continue to edit it, no that is not possible at all.