can a stepper motor be controlled by android accelerometer ?

hi guys im working on an bluetooth Rc project ! and my requirement is to work the steering system of my Rc car using the android accelerometer ! i have managed to control a servo motor ! but the servo cant handle the torque i want !

so can i use a stepper instead ? and can it be controlled with the accelerometer ?

im using

HC-06 bluetooth module
i have both unipolar and bipolar steppers
Easy driver module

and any suggestions will help me alot !!


If you can send data from your Android to an Arduino the Arduino can use that data for any purpose which the Arduino is capable of doing. Arduinos are certainly capable of controlling stepper motors. See the links below.

You should keep in mind that servos are much easier to use both mechanically and for programming so I would be slow to abandon them. You should certainly be able to get a servo with sufficient torque for a steering system.

Stepper Motor Basics
Simple Stepper Code

No, neither stepper motors or servos can be controlled by an accelerometer.

Given the theme of this forum, they can be controlled by an arduino.

You have to write the android code that reads the accelerometer, and sends data via bluetooth to arduino telling it how much to turn the motor.
You have to write the arduino code that reads the data received and produces the appropriate signals that are meaningful for a stepper or a servo motor.