Can a stepper motor driver used as PWM controlled DC motor?

How to do it?

The stepper motor driver :


How many years of electronics experience do you have ? (maybe it would be easier to pay the $17)

2 years.

You want to use a stepper driver on a regular brushed DC motor? That is a stupid idea.

Tell us what the real problem is.

A stepper motor driver is not PWM.
Google stepper driver waveforms to see what it looks like. It won’t work with a DC PWM driven motor. Just use a PWM driven mosfet to sink the motor current.

I'm not trying to do a project like that. Just want to try something when wait for the ordered driver arriving.

We yu have your answer.

How to do it?

No it can't, it needs constant current drive via a switch-mode ('chopper') circuit. That's not PWM in the
sense you are thinking.

With that little extra information, it is no longer a stupid question.

But the answer is still "No." Wait for the right driver.