Can a XBEE pro both send and receive serial data?

I am new to the wireless communication using arduinos. I have a project and wondering if a xbee pro module can both send and receive data to be interpreted between two arduinos?

I've never used the Pro versions, but, they are just higher powered/longer range versions of the non-Pro models, so I can't imagine them not being able to send and receive.

I'm not certain about the Pro, but I did some testing with the Series 1 XBee last night and was able to send data both ways during the same session on a point-to-point connection. I was working with the SoftwareSerial library at the time. There is some example code on that page you could start with as a test.

Hope that helps.


Yes, Xbee and Xbee Pro are completely equal and pin-compatible, except the transmission power/range (and thus the corresponding power consumption)

And yes, both Xbee and Xbee Pro can be used to both send and receive data. In the simplest scenario, they can be thought of just as direct replacements for RX and TX wire connections between two microcontrollers.

For learning in detail about Xbee modules, I suggest you read the following in the order you prefer (listed here in order of ease of reading):

  1. The main page of xbee-arduino library: GitHub - andrewrapp/xbee-arduino: Arduino library for communicating with XBee radios in API mode
  2. The book "Building Wireless Sensor Networks with Zigbee, Xbee, Arduino, and Processing" by Rob Faludi:
  3. The PDF "Unofficial Xbee Cookbook" by John Foster:
  4. The Xbee/Xbee-Pro datasheet (available from Digi website or Sparkfun, Adafruit, etc.)