can an arduino supply 15v to a mosfet driver?

it might me a stupid question, but I am really not sure if an arduino can supply 15V to a half-bridge mosfet driver. The half bridge mosfet driver is rated at 15V and 2A/2A sink and source. At the same time, PWW will be sent to the same driver.

anyone have an idea ?

anyone recommend a voltage regulator that will regulate the voltage from solar panel (10-37V) to 15V (buck boost type regulator) maybe to drive the mosfet driver ?

Why did you post your questions in the Introductory Tutorials section where it specifically asks you NOT to post questions?

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An Arduino can only provide a 5v signal for switching a Mosfet so choose a logic level Mosfet


Here's the trick:

We have absolutely no idea what you mean by a "half-bridge mosfet driver". There could be dozens, even hundreds of things that could be so described - have you thought about that? Just because you have something in front of you which is called a "half-bridge mosfet driver" actually tells us nothing at all. :roll_eyes:

So you must convey to us what it is you actually have. I suspect you bought it somewhere, so tell us the Web link to the item (because in this day and age, that is how people buy things) so that we can figure out what it is, what its circuit is and how you need to drive it and of what it is capable.

OK? :astonished:

Many drivers have been designed to take a logic level (3-5V) input signal to control a load at higher voltage.

Fair chance yours is the same. But without you telling which exact half bridge you have in your hands (and if not just a bare IC - the complete module), can't say for sure. So do post (a link to) its data sheet.