Can an Arduino UNO support 3 serial devices?

I’d like to run the Adafruit sound FX board, the HC-05 bluetooth module, and an I2C RTC. I think the bluetooth module and the clock must run concurrently. However the audio module only needs to run occasionally.

The basic project outline is a bluetooth alarmclock. You can adjust alarms and the time with your phone over bluetooth. Ex. Bluetooth: set alarm to 4:00 AM. Then watch clock. When 4:00Am. Stop bluetooth serial(needed?). Enable soundboard, play alarm sound, stop soundboard serial. Is this possible to do? Do I need a supporting chip, or another MCU?

Thanks guys!

The Mega has 3 serial channels.

Serial ports (UART) are completely separate and independent from I2C.

The sound effect board and HC05 are serial devices. You can have 2 software serial ports, but it is not easy nor does it work very well. Better to do as Railroader suggests and use a Mega with its 3 extra hardware serial ports. Save the main (USB) Serial port for program upload, debug and program and variable monitoring.

Stop bluetooth serial(needed?).

Each serial device must have its own serial port. So no need to stop or start ports.