Can an nRF24L01 receive unknown pipe data?

Hi, Question asked that I can't answer:

  • If there is a existing nRF24L01 device and it's channel is known, but the pipe address(s) are not known, can some data be recovered? Can the pipe address be extracted so a receiver can be set up??

The data sheet etc. doesn't really address this.. AFAIK


There is only one transmitting pipe. And AFAIK the concept of a listening pipe only makes sense within the receiving nRF24 - in other words the TX does not need to know what pipe the RX is listening on.

I believe the listening pipes are only used to sort out messages with different addresses. Some central part of the nRF24 receives the message and checks the address and then asigns the data to a particular pipe.

IMHO some of the example programs can cause confusion by using the variable name "pipe" for what is actually the address.

Or have I misunderstood the question?


You should read yveaux nrf24l01-sniffer.