Can any bipolar stepperdriver drive any bipolar stepper?

I have successfully converted my 28byj-48 stepper motor from unipolar to bipolar and are driving it with a4988 driver. That works fine but since there is some noise I am considering changing driver into TMC2209 which is said to be very quiet.

My question is though is TMC2209 interchangeable with A4988? So if A4988 works together with 28byj-48 the TMC2209 will also be able to drive it? Can I basically now drive my 29byj-48 or any other bipolar stepper motors with either a4988 or TMC2209 or is there something to consider?

Neither are useful for high current motors, e.g. 4 A/phase.

ok, thanks. but is a4988 and TMC2209 interchangeable?

No. You might find this introductory tutorial helpful: Stepper Motor Basics

As I mentioned in your other post, the noise is coming from the motor windings when the current is chopped, not from the driver. You don't need a current limiting stepper driver for the 28BYJ motor.

Is they? They sure is!

They are both microstepping bipolar drivers with about the same current capacity.