Can anybody find a miniature solenoid with 20mm+ stroke?

I'm working on a project, and I'm having some serious problems finding a good solenoid (that's not a valve, just plain solenoid) that has at least a 20mm stroke, is not HUGE, and does not have a HUGE price tag. Is such a thing only a mythical creature, or is there someplace I can find one?

Thanks so much in advance!

Check these guys - they seem to be quite the supplier.

Oh, thank you for the reply! I didn't get an email so for the last couple weeks I thought nobody cared about me =(. But I checked back, and here you are!

I have a follow up question, which I think might be starting to get out of the scope of this forum, but here goes anyway!

On that site, I found a solenoid that looks good. This one. This data sheet looks super complicated to me, but I THINK that from my rudimentary knowledge of words, grammar, and charts, that the maximum stroke length is 17.78mm. Now, my question is, how much voltage would I need for that? There seems to be a 1 to 1 correlation between speed of pull and stroke length (why?), which I might be able to reverse engineer into how much voltage I need. It says that it could be battery powered, but when I go to the "Battery Operated Solenoids" section of their website, it only shows me more solenoids that can be battery operated.

Also, I bought another solenoid in the meantime. How do I get it to work, just to test it? What equipment would I need? This guy, (who's project I'm basing my own project off of) used my MOSFETs and some sort of power supply to control his solenoids. What type of power supply should I get? That's a lot of questions... so in short, tell me what to buy (or how to figure out what to buy at least)!

I can’t tell which specific LEDEX solenoid you are referring to:
“How to Order
Add the plunger number and the coil awg number to the part number (for example: to order a unit with a 60°
plunger configuration without an anti-rotation flat rated for 12.1 VDC at 25% duty cycle, specify 195205-227.
Please see (click on Stock Products tab) for our list of stock products available through our
North American distributors.”

The 17.78mm is for the 60 degree plunger, whatever that means. I can’t tell from the datasheet.

Re: All Electronics solenoid:
Potter & Brumfield # S28-25-D-24. 24Vdc, 48 Ohm coil. Intermittent duty.

Pulse it with 24V, 500mA.
Find its data sheet and see how long “intermittent” is.

HS_Tubular_0.75x1.5_Push Solenoid.pdf (299 KB)

I've finally found a good solenoid that works for my project! I have another question about my project, but I guess I'll make a new post because it's a completely different problem. Thanks!

What did you find? Please share.

Oh, I think I actually mentioned it before, but here it is again:

I thought that it wouldn't be good for my project because of the supposed stroke length on the data sheet (I don't remember exactly what it was), but it turns out that it has JUST the right length.

Did you consider modifying a solenoid for a longer stroke? Shouldn't be rocket science
to do this (although you'd have to guess how the pull-force and other parameters are affected).

A tapered plunger in theory can pull longer distances than a straight-sided one, thinking about it...

I thought about it, I don't completely follow what you're saying, but I might. Do you mean like sort of an extendable thing? Like a smaller scale boom pole type thing?

This would be an interesting (and difficult) thing to implement. But as I don't really need to implement something like that right now, I think I'll lay off. I would be interested to hear how you would go about doing it though.

How would you make the stroke longer without either making the outer case longer to allow a longer shaft to move more, or by adding some external component like a scissor arm kind of thing?