Can anybody give help via TeamViewer

Hi there,

my problem: I only wanted a blinking gemma and not learning all about programming. kind of plug and play.

is it possible that anybody out there can give help via TeamViewer rather than writing mails after mails?. It seem that there are a lot of new beginners like myself beeing frustratet with gemma and connecting to their MAc or their PC. After reading for hours in the forum none had the same problem and the answers are all slighly different.

If somebody is out there with knowlege and a team viewer, please respond. (..and help)

after days of frustrations :)

thank you all

:P Hahhahahahahha this makes me so proud of myself

Okay, Teamviewer Time, ID and Pass? I've got my Arduino now for about 24 Hours and got it working jus' like that XD

--- :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:Ryner

I am so glad that you are confident enough that you can solve the minior problem!? :) :)

ID 730 213 792

Pass 6816

anytime you are online


For your information.

I am using a Mac OSX ver. 10.5.8 and I want to conect a gemma and a couple of Neo Pixels v2 plugged into a USB A tominiB and using MACArduino IDE 1.04 as 1.05 is not even starting.

If you prefer Windows which runs on the same machine with windows XP. (and window Arduino) just tell me which platform you want to run.