Can anyone find a spec for this stepper motor ?

I have a couple of Mitsumi M42SP-4NP stepping motors, but annot find out much about them. The devices they came from were powered by 24v.

It looks very similar to this :,-4NK.pdf It has 4 wires. Black, Brown, Yellow, Red.

Any poiters on how to hook it up to an Arduino ?



I did a project connecting Arduino and a Bipolar Stepper Motor. I used 12 arduino pins to make it work. But it’s possible with less.
There is a poor video arduino tutorial: HackLab Arduino - Motor de Passo de Boi Bumbá

And I posted the code here:

Your motor seems to be the same kind, bipolar (4wires).

Mrmeval link is for unipolar stepper.

Bipolar and Unipolar are very different.

Mine was removed from Epson Inkjet Printer, and works with 48 volts. Since I was just testing functionality, all I did was connecting arduino pinout to controller IC, not changing printer boards.
The IC was LB1847:LB1847 Datasheet pdf - LB1847-D.PDF - ON Semiconductor

I don’t know if you can use this one, but datasheet has many useful information. I used it’s table to write the code.

If you’ve removed your motor from printer/fax/other equipment, you can find all you need equipment. If you don’t have any equipment that uses this motor, try finding some canon printer schematics: I know this motor is used on some of them So you can find the IC controller used by canon. If you know the IC, IC datasheet can show you more.

Read this too:

I’ll try to draw schematics of my project later.

Good Luck.